Thursday, 11 April 2013

NOTD| Barry M Gelly High Shine polishes

Recently I have been getting into painting my nails colours other than red or pink...Out of my comfort zone with blues and greens...I am so totally hardcore!! Right??

I picked up these beautiful shades today and applied them immediately...

Thumb: Berry Ice Cream 
Fingers: Blueberry High Shine 
Ring finger: Greenberry High Shine

The formula of the Gelly High shine is amazing. Its glossy and goes on smoothly. Very pigmented and dries super fast. I love these polishes. 

The regular formula isn't quite as nice but still good for a budget brand. Its slightly sheerer and takes a little bit longer to dry, it also isn't quite as glossy and luxe looking. 

I want more of these gorgeous Gelly high shine beauties!!

Can you recommend a shade? 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review | Bourjois Ultra Black VolumizerMascara.

My all time favourite mascara is YSL Shocking Faux Clis mascara, it gives the effect of fake lashes but its over £23 and dries out pretty fast, Sometimes i cannot justify the price so I'm always looking for alternatives. Any mascara i try i compare to this queen of all mascaras. Some have come close but nothing has outshone until now...
(Warning Photo Heavy!)
YSL VS Bourjois.

The Volumizer has a two step system. Step one removes a lot of mascara from the wand meaning you can get a thin coating of mascara on lashes for a natural look. Step two leaves a lot of mascara on the wand and applies a lot of mascara to the lash. This means you can get heavy flash looking lashes without them sticking together and making you look like you have three single lashes! 

One coat of Step one Bourjois VS Bare Lashes. 

One Coat of Each step one and two on top and bottom lashes VS bare Lashes. 

Bourjois Two coats VS One coat of YSL.

Bourjois Volumizer VS YSL Faux Clis. 

The brush off.
Both quite similar, thick and fairly clumpy natural bristles. 
I have tried the Bourjois mascara before and cannot believe i forgot how good this stuff is! If you like a heavy thick coating of mascara you will love this stuff! you can make it more natural and apply less. I love both these mascaras and will use the YSL forever, but when you're a bit cash strapped the bourjois one comes in very handy! Its a tough choice every morning choosing between these two beauts!

Have you tried these mascaras? Whats your holy grail for your lashes?

Monday, 8 April 2013

FOTD| Casual Base

Now spring is almost here my foundation routine always changes, instead of heavy coverage to hide those rosy red cheeks and pale skin, I want natural coverage and a light layer over my sun-kissed skin.

I dabbled with BB creams and tinted moisturiser but find i always need a powder over the top and bare Minerals is fab for this.

So this Photo is Revlon BB cream quick review...I'm not a fan. It has hardly any coverage, I know this is the case with BB creams but this is practically none at all. Without a powder foundation over the top you need to have perfect skin to pull this off, and if you have perfect skin why wear this? well because this has an SPF of 30!! Which is amazing. So i think i will be using this more as a sun screen than for coverage. This is so sheer and blend-able you could easily wear a liquid foundation or a powder foundation as i have. I was slightly disappointed with the coverage so the saving factor of SPF has stopped this being a hated product!
If your after a sun screen get this if your after a BB cream with a slight coverage don't get this!

Bare Minerals Prime Time
Revlon BB cream (light)
Bare Mineral ready foundation (R230)

Bare Faced! Sorry!!

After! (most of the coverage is from Bare Minerals)

Have you tried any BB creams? Would you buy this purely for the SPF?

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Rapid Review | Revlon Lip Butter Wild Watermelon.

This is a review on Wild Watermelon a new to the UK shade from the now famous Revlon lip butters.


  • Good colour payoff. 
  • moisturising (like the rest of the lip butters!) 
  • neutral, so it could go with heavy smokey eyes or a softer more natural look. 
  • Great if you're looking at getting into colour but Dont want anything too 'in your face'. 
  • easy to apply without a mirror/on the go. 
  • Not the most long lasting of lippie. 
Rating 4/5 

Great for girls who want a quick and effortless lippie, and don't mind re applying a bit more often. Awesome for when its a bit chilly and your lips might be chapped as this is a lipstick and balm in one. 

Have you tired this? 

Friday, 29 March 2013

FOTD | Sick Day

I have a horrible cold. I cannot move from the sofa and feel so bleughhhh! So to make myself feel a little better I dragged myself up and washed and attempted to put on some make up!
Here it is:

Trying to hide the Sickness!

YSL Youth Code Serum
YSL Touche Eclat Foundation B50 
bareMinerals ready foundation
bareMinerals The high dive bronzer
Dainty Doll Powder Blusher 001 Hippy shake 
Collection Lasting perfection concealer 002
Rimmel Wake me up concealer 

Rimmel eyebrow pencil Hazel

Revlon Lip Butter Juicy papaya 

I choose not to wear mascara because my eyes are so puffy and itchy It would be a waste. 

So this is my first time using YSL foundation I was recently given a sample...first impressions are great more detailed review to come!

What do you wear on your face when your ill? Any make up tips? Have you tried YSL foundation?

Challenge | Whiter Teeth In Seven Days?

Who doesn't want whiter teeth? I bet even Simon Cowel wishes his teeth were whiter (Got to Dream BIG!) I have already used a tube of this stuff and ran out and switched back to basics cheap toothpaste and i can see the difference.
I have taken some rather attractive *cough* close ups of my Teeth so we can do before and afters!

It claims to whiten teeth a shade in 7 days...does it also make you as gorgeous as Holly Willoughby?

So lets see how this stuff does...update in seven days :)

Have you tired this stuff? How white are your teeth?

Rach xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

How to | Make your own tinted moisturizer!

There are so many tinted moisturizer to choose from...from low end to high end. And really what they are is a foundation mixed with moisturizer...why not use what you already have and make your own!
this way you can customize it for your personal skincare and life style needs. (woohoo!)

What you will need: 

a foundation 
a moisturiser
a liquid or mineral highlighter (optional)
a mixing bowl or old foundation bottle 

I chose Estee Lauder double wear...mostly because I have just re-purchased and had a bit left in the old bottle and also because it is so thick you can use less of the foundation to make a tinted moisturiser. (more value for money!)

So i had just less than a quarter of a bottle of double wear left so decided to mix the TM in the old bottle. I wanted a more luminess finish so i used MAC strobe liquid...roughly 10-15 squirts to make up around 30ml of  total product. (full foundation bottle). 
And then i topped it up, until i got the desired thickness, with moisturiser. (This took a lot of moisturiser to make it as sheer as I wanted, other foundations will take less!)

This foundation works well because it is so full coverage and thick it takes a lot of moisturiser to get a more sheer base. I think it would be best to use a more matte-semi matte foundation as anything too dewy may look a tad greasy and shiny! 

You can also mix a bit of moisturiser and foundation on the back of your hand if you want to try this out before you fully commit. 

You also want to use a more liquid moisturiser and not a thick heavy one. I think to get value for money it would be best to use a cheaper one, I used clean and clear which is about £3 for 100 ml. It's also oil free which will mean a better and more long lasting  finish. 

I think now spring has arrived...wait did you not get the memo?? *cough cough* I prefer a less full coverage face, i love using bare minerals but find i would like a bit more coverage and also not have to use a moisturiser then a primer then a sheer foundation then bare a lot of products! You could always turn this into a BB cream and add in some primer and even an SPF! 

Cost of this product breakdown 

- total Foundation used = £6.75
- total Moisturiser used =  45p 
-total strobe liquid used = £1.25 
(You could definitely use a cheaper liquid highlighter this was just something I don't use and needed a use for!)

Total cost £8.45!!


Or you could spend £36.00 on Estee Lauder's branded TM...? 

I love DIY/creative products and can't believe I didn't do this sooner! 

I have also been brought a NARS TM to try out so will be pitting these against each other! 

FOTD 's coming soon...

Have you tried DIY makeup? whats your favorite TM?

Rach xx